Attitude is Key

There are many schools of thought around what constitutes “work.”  Confucius said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” But what exactly did he mean?

Once I realized that life is as much an ebb as it is a flow, I stopped struggling. I began to relax and enjoy whatever showed up.  From that reference point, everything became an essential piece of a joyful, enjoyable experience. Deadlines were celebrated. Challenges anticipated. Long hours welcomed. Unexpected loss became easy to reframe as a gift. Fear of the unknown evaporated. When the ebb appears as an essential part of the flow, it is easier to love what is.

As a business owner, I sometimes get caught up in worrying about doing all that I can. I feel responsible for so much, and it can be challenging to match outcomes with expectations. For example, I want staff and subcontractors to feel satisfied with the work I offer. I want my clients to see their businesses grow. I hope my company is making a difference in the world! But these things become like water when I allow them to flow naturally downstream with the intention of joy to direct the current, rather than holding too tightly to a particular end result. I try to welcome it all, knowing I can meet whatever arises with confidence and skill. Then I can lean into the challenges and allow them to simply show me who I am.

Any job can be something we love depending on our perspective. So if you think you’re not yet in the ideal position, think again.